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1.** For a 110 foot run under ground to house which of these cables would be better, A and B below, this is for digital cable TV and Cable Modem/Time Warner RoadRunner.
2.** AND which of these cables would be better for for inside running lines:50Ft,75Ft,100Ft,30Ft
3.** For the Cable Modem running either the 75Ft or 100Ft cable line would it be better to run the Coaxial Cable or put the modem down stairs, where the modem would have a short 10Ft. run of Coaxial cable and run a Eithernet Cable To the router at the computer/75 or 100Ft.?

A.**** Monster Cable ISAT™ Reference Highest Performance RG-6 Direct Burial Digital Satellite Cable - by-the-foot About Monster Cable: Monster Cable® Products, Inc. is the world's ...
B.**** Monster Cable MVQUAD-B DB EZ500 Monster Direct Burial MVQuad RG6 Quadshield RF and Video Cable in EZ-Pull Box - 500 Ft. Spool (VERY ...
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  1. Hello,

    You're best real option is to let the cable company bury the cable. Otherwise, if you really want to do this yourself, any QUAD Shielded RG6 made for direct burial would work well for your needs.

    Regarding in the house, again, the SAME QUAD Shielded RG6 would work very well.

    I personaly don't think spending the extra money on Monster Cable is going to be worth it. You won't notice any real difference in picture quality nor in internet speed.

    The real trick is putting on your connectors/ends properly. Do a few Google searches on the best technique for putting on CATV Connectors, and you will not have any problems. Do keep in mind though that the less "splices" the better.

    I also agree with other advise you got and that is to run the cable to the basement, immediately hit your cable modem and then run CAT 5E from there to each location where you have a PC.

    A 250' spool of Quad Shield RG6 cable at your local "Do it your self" store, like Menards or Home Depot, will run approximately $55.00. Quad Shield RG6 connectors will run about $.40/each.

    If, when you enter the house or after you've entered the home, you need to make any turns or bends, keep them nice and loose. You do not want any sharp bends or kinks in your cable.

    When you strap your cable to the joists, use 1/2 plastic straps/stapels found in the same electrical section of your store. Do you not need to pound the straps in tight where it might rest against the cable.

    Good luck,


    Remember, putting on the ends... that's what's going to make or break the deal. Any decent quality Quad Shield cable will work fine. Even Monster cable will fail to give you the results you're looking for if the ends are not put on properly.
  2. The Monster Cable has pure OFC Copper centers not steel plated with copper. Also the the Monster Cable MS ISAT REF cable has a nitrogen injected dielectric but isn't Quad shielded. The nitrogen injected dielectric is suppose to be a big boost in signal transfer, "Extra Low Loss". Plus both Monster Cables have copper braiding not aluminum.

    A 100Ft drop of standard RG6 will have a 1.8db loss. The question is will either Monster cable have Less db loss OR will 100Ft of cat5e or cat6 have a greater loss AND will a modem send a better signal 100Ft over cat5e or cat6 VS either of the Monster Cable RG6 cables.

    Pure OFC Copper Center and Quad Shielding or the ISAT pure copper center with nitrogen injected dielectric should run MORE favorable over a steel center plated with copper and aluminum brading, I would think.
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