Can't download programs into Windows 7

I can not download Google Earth to my new WINDOWS 7 laptop; 4GB MEM; 320HD The Google Earth Installer downloads but the
actual program does not install into my program files nor show as a desktop icon. I am asking for this right from the
Google Earth page. This download is bundled with Google Chrome and this Chrome downloads to my list and desktop. I tried
the download from both Firefox, first and Internet Explorer, second. Might the Google Earth program be tightly wound
within Google Chrome somewhere? I can not see it? Shall I try to download G Earth from this 'Chrome' which seems to be a
browser of some kind. Please help? Thank you.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum

    In the google earth installer, right click, and select "Run as administrator"
  2. Thank you Saint! I will try it soon and let you know.
  3. When I use 'run as admin', it downloads but Google Earth does not appear as a downloaded program, only Chrome. The only way to find it is to enter 'Google Earth' in the search bar in start menu. It shows as a 'file' on the computer. When I right click this found file, it gives another 'run as admin' option, however, it says location is not available in a 'red X' prompt.
  4. where is it downloading it to? download it direnctly to your downloads folder (c:\users\[username]\downloads\) and try running it as admin from there.
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    FireFox will never ask you if you want to install a file which you are trying to download.
    It'll only do this for browser add ons and extensions.

    To fix your problem and see what is going on, open FireFox then in the menu bar, select
    Tools > Options

    You'll then want to select the General tab

    Then half way down the dialog window where it says Downloads, make sure the first box
    is checked Show the Downloads window when downloading a file.

    Next, select Always ask me where to save files

    Now click Ok

    From now on when you down load files, you'll see the downloads window and it'll ask you
    where to save the file. This way, you'll always know where you're files are downloaded to.

    Here is the Google Earth Download page

    It's possible that your Anti-Virus program might be deleting the Google Earth download file
    (the installer package). So you'll want to pay close attention to what happens when you

    But as mi1ez has said, it's most probably in your downloads folder.

    Another thing, when you right click on the file and select properties, you'll probably see
    Near the bottom right of the dialog window a button which says Unblock, you "might"
    need to click this button.

    Good Luck
  6. It was my anti-virus. I toggled it off and Google Earth downloaded as a program to
    my desktop. Thank You!
  7. You're welcome :)
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