Looking for the right Wifi Booster/Extender

I am looking for something UNDER $80.

I am also looking to have it completely wireless. I am trying to boost my signal from my bedroom to my living room, so obviously I dont want to have to wire a ethernet cable from on end of my house to another...

Do I need a new antenna? Extender? Acess Point?

There are so many options!

Please reccomend a SPECIFIC product.
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  1. buy a router that supports DD-WRT.

    if you find one that you like to buy, go to www.dd-wrt.com and check there database to make sure it can run this firmware to function as a wireless repeater.

    I have converted my Linksys WRT54G
  2. what is DD-WRT?

    I am just looking for something simple that takes my signal from one room to another
  3. what type of router do you have now?

    if you only need a newer router, then look at something like a Linksys E2000 or E3000.

    If however you want to use your current router and extend the signal since it does not reach to all corners of your house, you will need a bridge/repeater.

    DD-WRT is a firmware that will enable regular router to be configured as a bridge or repeater.
  4. i have a semi old router. but id rather just get a new bridge/repeater... i have to flash the router with the firmware right? id rather just not get into that at all... but what i really dont want to do is buy the wrong router.. one that i have to plug an ethernet cable into and run all throughout my house...

    any sugguestions on a cheap one?

    i was thinking this one:


    but it got mixed reviews
  5. or should i get a 'High-Gain Antenna router 15dBi'
  6. Although mobile network booster hold great promise to improve wireless coverage, malfunctioning and improperly designed or installed signal boosters can interfere with wireless networks and cause interference to a range of communication services, including emergency and 911 calls.
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