Recovering from sleep with iPhone connected crash!

I have seen this consistently.
IPhone or iPod Touch connected w/iTunes running, system goes to sleep & upon waking get blue screen & Windows shutdown & reboot.
Apple devices are iOS 5.0.1 & iTunes is

PC is Asus i5 Win 7 HP.

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  1. Thanks, iTunes hadn't notified me of the update???? I will see if that helps.

  2. BTW, when that happened, did u update anything prior to that?
  3. nikorr said:
    BTW, when that happened, did u update anything prior to that?

    I was up to date with the iPod Touch when it first happened. Not sure if it happened before iOS 5, 'cause it took me a bit to realize that it happened when the iPod/iPhone were hooked up & iTunes running. I had not updated anything in Windows. I don't often leave the iPhone/Touch connected when the laptop sleeps, so it is a very random occurrence. Now that I know the conditions under which it fails, I will be better able to pinpoint a possible culprit. I am hoping that the iTunes update fixes it.

  4. U can check the Event viewer for the cause...
  5. iOS 5.0.1 & previous ver, but not tested pre 5.0, iPhone & iPod Touch
    iTunes & previous version
    Win 7
    Asus i5 PC

    Still failing with iTunes.
    Now trying to learn how to use Event Viewer to isolate problem. May be something to do with Bonjour Service, as EV reports errors related to Bonjour Service, but can't tell if it is at the time of the PC waking up. Any insight on isolating this is appreciated.


    Edit: OK, happens with iPhone connected & iTunes not running. Apparently the iPhone driver is still loaded too. Thought maybe the device was ejected when iTunes closes, but not the case 'cause the iPhone is still in device manager. Could be the driver or something else running with the iPhone.
  6. Not 100%, but the issue seems to be related to the USB 3 port. Can't try it again right now, but I thing that it didn't fail on the USB 2 port. I will work on it this weekend & sort out exactly what conditions fail, sleep, hibernate etc.

  7. Yep, only fails when plugged into the USB 3 port. iPod Touch, iPhone plugged in when PC goes to sleep & upon waking get the blue screen. Haven't tried an iPod 4G to see if it's related to iOS 5.

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