Can someone techy help me.

Hello im daza 7 im wondering to upgrade my computer currently i have a celeron D 360

apparently it has a lga775 socket but im not quite sure can someone help me verify this, and if you could give me 100% possitive answers that would be great i have also heard its a plga 775 socket i really need some help

Your's Daza7
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  1. whats the make of your pc or motherboard?

    and do you mean you just want to upgrade the cpu?

    that would be dependant on what the fastest cpu your motherboard can handle
  2. yes i would like to upgrade the cpu here is a pic of my mother board on cpu-z
  3. Yes it's a single core Cedar Mill Celeron D socket 775 cpu.
    I wouldn't spend a cent upgrading that platform though.
  4. then sir what could i upgrade too and could you garuntee it is a lga775 because i thought it was a PLGA 775
  5. is it an hp pc?
  6. yes mcnumpty
  7. this looks like your motherboard--has the cpu upgrade information as well

    its not great for upgrading--looks like it can only take 2gb of ram
  8. what could i upgrade though? i just need to get it a bit better and it has 2gb of ram
    please could you help me?
  9. hi daza7. How much $ you wanted to spend for a cpu upgrade?
    Or upgrade generally.
  10. about 100
  11. well you could do this one--Core 2 Duo (Conroe) up to E4300 --though you may need a better heatsink as

    it will run hotter than that celeron

    is that $100 or £100 or other?

    it also has a pci-e slot so can take a graphics card as well--though how high would depend on the psu

    though to be honest i recently a friend bought a much superior pc with a monitor from ebay for £122

    including delivery--so a second hand pc may be much more financially sensible than upgrading that one

    edit--had a look and the e4300 is about £30 in the uk second hand
  12. its $100 but i want to upgrade as for christmas im getting

    intel i5 2500k quad-core
    GTX 460
    and a 750w psu with mutheboard
  13. I would suggest you to go for a cpu/mobo/memory upgrade, cause without the memory upgrade there isnt much you can do. Also E4300 is a 2core cpu with 1,8Ghz which is waste of money.
    A new cpu/mobo/mem upgrade could cost you around 150$-200$ or more depended on what you want to do with the pc.
  14. daza7 said:
    its $100 but i want to upgrade as for christmas im getting

    intel i5 2500k quad-core
    GTX 460
    and a 750w psu with mutheboard

    :) Wait till christmas then!
  15. thanks for your help people much apriciated
  16. i would also wait till xmas--use the money you will save to get a gtx560ti instead of gtx460--the gtx560ti is

    a fantastic overclocker and is much cooler and quieter than the gtx460
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