No integrated or video card display on boot up of lenovo

Hi there,
I have a computer which is out of warranty - have tried rebuilding it from an image I took but had to cancel half way through - I figured I'd just start it again another day, but now when I boot up there is no display output.

It has integrated video, but I also tried connecting a PCIx video card and different monitor but still no joy.
It doesn't even display the usual bios / power up options or wakethe connected screen from standby.

I've tried removing the jumper to reset the CMOS which caused some ongoing beeps on boot but still no display - have reconnected jumper again.

Any other suggestions to resolve this or why this might have happened?

PS: The dvd drive is also making a funny noise when connected and eject button doesn't work. Have also tried booting without this connected but still not display
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    makes me think memory or power supply
    i would pull and reseat the memory
    try with just one stick

    there is a good sticky post of diagnosing a tower
    make sure you read this
  2. Wow yes it was that simple as reseating memory!
    Thanks for link too - I'd spent hours fluffing around with this..
  3. Really
    It works now?

    I am not sure if your being sarcastic :)
  4. If i helped then it is polite to select a Best Answer in my post
    Dont have to
    but its nice :)
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