CPU cooler to use with a Asus Sabertooth Z77


On my new build i will use a Sabertooth Z77 and either an i5 2500K or a i7 2600K.

But i also want for RAM some Gskill Ripjaws X 8Gbs (2x4Gbs) CAS 7 and 1600 Mhz.

Well my first idea was the Coolmaster Hyper 212 EVO but the Ripjaws have "that" heatsink...I am not sure if it wont be a problem fitting both.

Should i go for a Low Profile CPU Cooler instead like a Noctua NH-L12?

The case is a NZXT Phantom 410 by the way..

And yes i really want Ripjaws X...
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  1. How about just buying low profile memory?
  2. nope :)

    Honestly..considering the Ripjaws X are about 43 mm height...i think it will do as long i put the NH-L12 right.
  3. NH-L12:
    MOBO's - http://www.noctua.at/main.php?show=compatibility_gen&products_id=46&lng=en
    RAM - http://www.noctua.at/main.php?show=compatibility_ram_gen&products_id=46&lng=en#DDR3

    Frankly, I don't like any HSF with listed compatibility issues. Also, if getting a new Z77 then IMO get the Ivy Bridge i5-3570K or i7-3770K

    If the plan is to OC then I'd look at either the Corsair H80 or H100 which doesn't interfere with any RAM or MOBO. On the H100 just make sure your case can accept 120x240 radiator. The H80/H100 are maintenance free and closed systems.
  4. Considering i am rather new at cooling...going liquid seems a bit too much for now...that's why i am on starting slowly. i also read mixed feelings about liquid cooling while for example this Noctua is well accepted as a Low profile cpu cooler.

    As for the GSkills...yes i know...lots of other choices...but for some reason i want to risk on them...the CAS 7 ones.

    I am going for a midtower case...the NZXT Phantom 410...seems to have enough space.
  5. The H80 or H100 are simpler to install than the Noctua. RAM in the 'pink' and below are a tad faster in synthetic test but the cost is stability and in real world offer little to no advantages.

    Testing - http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/memory/2011/01/11/the-best-memory-for-sandy-bridge/1

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