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Need help in updating my BIOS

Hello guys

I recently purchased 3TB seagate barracuda xt HDD. Unfortunately my system can't recognize the HDD 3TB size, it only shows that the HDD has 746GB. Which looks like a common problem.

1 guide suggested to use the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology. I tried to install it and it said my computer didn't meet the minimum requirements.

The other guide said to update bios.

I went to Fujitsu Siemens website and downloaded what I can find but they just don't work or I don't know how to make them work.

1. Flash Bios Update Bootdisk exe
2. compressed flash files
3. Desk flash
4. Linux boot disk

Please help me, what do I do with these things?
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  1. What model is your computer - the entire model number
  2. Esprimo P3510
    MI3W D2750
  3. I couldn't find anything about updating the BIOS except for some generic instructions in the motherboard manual.
  4. Anyways thank you! And if anyone else finds something

    Please oh please let me know!
  5. I've never flashed a Fujitsu PC, however the problem probably won't be solved with a BIOS flash and I can guarantee that you won't be able to boot off the drive with more than ~2.2TB which requires both GPT, 64-bit OS and a supporting UEFI BIOS i.e. N/A on any LGA 775.

    What you should see is two partitions 800GB + 2.2TB. Once the drive is mounted choose GPT option if available.

    The following is listed (copy/paste) from your manual. I really don't recommend updating your BIOS from Windows the risk is too high that you'll 'brick' (ruin) your MOBO. Also, I realize it lists a FDD (floppy) if you don't have one then you can 'try' making a bootable USB; you'll need to Disable Legacy USB in the BIOS. The 'Linux boot disk' sounds promising as a viable method for a bootable USB. If you post that link I'll try to read the documentation.

    BIOS Update
    When should a BIOS update be carried out?
    Fujitsu Siemens Computers makes new BIOS versions available to ensure
    compatibility with new operating systems, new software or new hardware. In
    addition, new BIOS functions can also be integrated.
    A BIOS update should also always be carried out when a problem exists that
    cannot be solved with new drivers or new software.
    Where can I obtain BIOS updates?
    The BIOS updates are available on the Internet at "".

    BIOS update under DOS with bootable BIOS
    update floppy disk - brief description
    ► Download the update file from our website to your PC.
    ► Insert an empty floppy disk (1.44 Mbyte).
    ► Run the update file (e.g. 2750103.EXE).
  6. Don't need any of that now.

    I just needed to download Seagate DiskWizzard from seagate website. It was free and now my 3TB HDD is working just fine on a Windows XP 32bit OS.

    But really thank you for your research and concern! :D Hoooray Seagate
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    Then it's a Data drive and not a Boot drive. Yep, I didn't think the BIOS was the issue.

    Glad to hear DiscWizard's Dynamic Drive Overlay (DDO) worked :)


    edit/ This is what I was referring to (Boot Drive) -
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