Acer Aspire M1640 Motherboard Upgrade?

what is a better motherboard that the acer aspire m1640 but is still 32-bit?
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  1. If the board still works, I would not change it and add a separate graphics card instead, such as the 210 or 5450 (both might work with your power supply). Your windows coa may not post with a non acer board. If you change boards, any g31 and some g41 boards using ddr2 will work, but you won't gain any performance advantage. My local craigslist had a q8200 for $49 yesterday; you might look for a cpu upgrade instead, but you have an older nvidia chipset board, so the newer cpus may not work. You don't need a 32 bit board; that only refers to your windows installation. Most newer cpus will run 64 bit windows.
  2. Thanks for your reply the reason I want a 32-bit motherboard is that I just bought 'windows 7 32-bit' and I have recently bought a graphics card (Asus HD 7750),500 watt power supply and a case fan. the motherboard seems to be slower since having the card since it sucks in 400-500 watts
  3. All newer boards will run either 32 bit or 64 bit windows; most cpus support either version.
  4. Oh ok, So if I bought a 64-bit motherboard windows7 32-bit would work on it?
    and do you know if the memory on the aspire motherboard will work on other 64-bit motherboards or should I ask someone else? I know the cpu will probably wont
  5. Your system is running slower for another reason, not due to the video card. It's tough upgrading an older oem system by piecemeal; sometimes it's better to start over completely.
  6. why 32-bit? 32-bit is dead

    if you have a windows 7 homepremium/pro/ultimate you can use either 32 or 64 it doesnt matter

    the motherboard doesnt dictate 32/64 bit its the cpu

    whats your system specs?
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