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I want to build a computer but i am a little bit puzzled on what is better like what ram and graphics card to buy so please help me people i am going for.

CPU : CP-iSi7Q2600K Intel Sandy bridge LGA1155 i7-2600K 3.4ghz / 3.8ghz turbo boost box processor

MOBO: P8Z68 - V Asus P8Z68 Deluxe LGA 1155 Motherboard

Ram: ME-S2G3S22C9x2 Supertalent Speed series 2 x 2Gb/2048mb kit ddr3-2200 Memory (breaks my wallet)

PSU: CMPSU-700G CORSAIR Gaming Series 700Watt (Nice budget power supply )

GPU: ......? (have no clue so many )

so if any one can suggest any changes or a good budget GPU then please help me out
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  1. it would help to know what you want to do with you future Rig.

    please fill out this form:

    tell us in the narrative what games you play or apps you use.
    and what parts you have purchased already and what parts you are thinking about purchasing.
    what resolution your monitor is is important for choosing a GPU
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