Maxtor external hdd now shows up as local drive says working properly but does n

One day, all of a sudden my maxtor one touch II is recognizable by the PC but, it only shows the recycle bin icon in windows explore and none of my other files. Everything says its working properly, I see it in disk management and everything, there is just no other folders seen. Can you help?
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  1. Show hidden and system files. Some viruses hide your files on you and / or make them read only.
  2. Good call popatim! However, went to control panel then, folder options and check marked the show hidden files (actually, it was already check marked but, I checked mark on hide then back to show, and apply to make sure--to no avail, still can't see other file folders. yeah, everything else indicates that it is a working hard drive. It even indicates the correct amount of memory used and unused.

  3. did you put a pasword to protect your data,look on maxtor web site
  4. No password.
  5. Are your missing file "IN" the recycle bin?
  6. Oh, I don't know. I've never run into this problem. Actually, I don't recall a file with that name in the recycle bin, but, maybe there was? I've since deleted the recycle bin on the same external that a big oops? Is there a way to recover the file named "IN"?
  7. try recuva to see if it could find the file
  8. Hey scout_03, thanks for the info. I tried recuva and it found a bunch of lost files but, y'know, its unbelievable that who ever designed this program didn't have a "select all" feature (select all files to be recovered). I have like 48,000 files that I could recover but, you have to select literally one and a time! Can you believe?! I looked everywhere on the page for a select all but, none exist. And when you go to "advanced options" thinking it might be there, its not worth anything and then wipes out what you just scanned, and you have to start all over again! Do you know of any better option?
  9. that the only one i use could be somebody else have a free product like this to recommend and do full recovery
  10. I have a recovery program that came with a flashdrive I bought years ago. Funny thing is I have never needed it for that flash drive. Used it plenty on SD cards. LoL

    I'm sure there are plenty of freebies but you can also try clicking on the top one so its selected and then scroll to the bottom, hold the shift key down and click on the last file. This should select everything in between.

    and by the way, I wasn't looking for a file named IN. I was asking if your missing files were IN the recycle bin... also you dont ever have to delete things from the recycle bin. It has a set size and once its full it will automatically delete the oldest stuff to make room. This way you can always recover stuff you accidentally deleted.
  11. Hey Popatim! Ok, I get what you meant about the word "IN" in the recycle bin. Yeah, no files there. About the recuva program with no "select all" key. That was the first thing I tried, to select the first file and then hold the shift key down and click on the last file, it did not select all the files in-between, it may have switched from selecting the top one to the last file.
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