Converting loptop lcd palel for desktop?

Hi guys just asking is it possible to use an lcd panel from loptop for desktop? I know it sounds crazy but is it really possible?
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  1. yes, but I don't see why you would do that.
  2. haha.. Just a little project.. do you know how?
  3. perhaps cut off any connection that does not associate with the graphics card and the VGA port, the computer could be unusable when the screen is cutted off, but the screen might work.

    if I were you, I would sell the laptop and buy a new screen, or recycle it, there are some pretty rare metals and alloys they use to build the laptop. just disassembling it and the put it in the storage shed to rot is kind of... well, unenviromentaly friendly
  4. Actually i just got from my moms house an old broken loptop its like pretty old, a Pentium 3, and its not really that i want to have an lcd monitor, because i got one already.. its more like im trying to make some kind of a junk thing to a useful thing, you know? but anyway Thanks for your reply. i appreciate it. maybe someone knows and tells me how?
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