GTX 570/480 or CPU?

Hello everyone, my current system is as follows:

Athlon II x4 620 OC'd to 3.4ghz & with 6mb L3 Cache unlocked. Basically a stock 965.
Samsung 7200RPM 750GB
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB DDR3 1333
600w ePower PSU

Now, I'm selling my laptop tomorrow, and I have a decision to make. I just am really curious, what would be the best purchase for me? What would be the biggest upgrade? I plan to play games like DiRT 3, Skyrim, BF3 etc on 1920x1080. Thank you all in advance!
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  1. 570 would work well, and doesnt suffer from the same heat/power consumption issues as of the 480 with just as much bang.
  2. Do you think I'd be better off with the GTX 570 than a new CPU?
  3. A new gpu will definitely enhance your gaming experience more than a new system, at this point. Your cpu isnt holding you back from attaining at least 60fps in most games (some are more cpu intensive). A new system will benefit some games but a better gpu will benefit all games, especially at 1920 by 1080 res.
    go for at least a 6870 or gtx 560 ti and you will be set.
    If you have the money though I'd go for a 6950 2gb (this model can be unlocked to a 6970 quite easily it seems... then youd have a sweet unlocked cpu and graphic card lol) If you like nvidia then a gtx 570 is good also.

    A gts 250 is as fast as a 550 ti approximately (probably slower) so any of the above upgrades will be anywhere from 2x to 3x faster.

    Your final option would be to hold out for the 28nm series of graphics cards (nobody knows when but should be this year), its supposed to be a large jump, kind of like the ati 4000 series was to the 5000 series (5850 was alot better than a 4850 for example because it went from 55nm to 40nm)

    The 7000 series will be a shift from the current 40 nm to 28nm so a big jump again
  4. Okay sounds good, thanks for the help! I was looking at the 6950 2gb actually a while back. But I read the 2gb doesn't really help.
  5. prominentalex said:
    Do you think I'd be better off with the GTX 570 than a new CPU?

    Yeah, as already stated, your CPU isnt holding you back. If you dont want to wait for the 28nm process then the 570 is a solid card. the 6950 flashed form what ive heard is a bit risky and some people are having issues a week down the road after flashing. I have the 570, and for the resolution you want and your CPU it will be a huge upgrade from the current setup you have. if you like ATI then the 6970 or you can try flashing the 6950 - its your cash
  6. I dont know how I'd feel about flashing. I can always overclock the 570, and I've also read the flashed 6950 doesn't really overclock stably.
  7. the 570 overclocks stupendously. I currently OC mine; just make sure to set the voltage correctly.
  8. Is it now in par with the GTX 580, or atleast close?
  9. here is a page with stats on the 6950 2gb unlock if you're still interested,
    the stats (scroll to bottom) look promising, but who knows how reliable people emailing them in are
  10. a gtx 570 is a good buy for your system... although hd 6950 2gb is better value for money... but i will not bios flashing it even if i have one... because while chances of success damn high... there are some minorities that runs into problem after bios flashing their hd 6950... the chances of failing are small... but it still there... and you're only six months away from new release from nvidia and amd... so you need to consider whether waiting another six months is going to pay off with what will you get later in your upgrade...
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