Question about Intel vs AMD CPU

Which processor is better (laptop) ?

AMD A-Series A8-3500M(1.5GHz)


Intel Centrino dual core 2.13 GHz P7450
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  1. Gaming, lets say gaming, small time gaming.
  2. Well I'm running a ATI radeon 4650 with the P7450, and thats a class 2 GPU. Will it be much of an upgrade (the A8+integrated GPU)?
  3. nope it won't be much of an upgrade and by that i mean it will not perform twice as fast. It will be an upgrade and a few games will perform much better with cpu scaling since the Athlon is 4 cores.
  4. dirtyferret said:
    it's too much of a lateral move to be worth it, if you want to game then get a PC & after market gaming card

    I'm not really looking to game, I just want a laptop that's better than mine around 550$-600$. I found one that's better, but I wanted the two processors compared by experts.
  5. 4GB ram DDR3
    P7450 2.13 GHZ intel core duo (centrino)
    500 GB HDD
    ATI Radeon 4650M
  6. For 500-600 you can get an i5 laptop????? I think they are charging you a little bit too much.
  7. I know I can, but I also need the graphic. Intel HD 3000 graphics just doesn't cut it.
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