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I'm looking to get the NZXT Phantom ( but it seems that it also includes spots for an additional front 140mm fan, side 200/230mm fan, and another top 200mm fan. If I got these additional fans, how would they work with the fan controller?
Edit: Perhaps I should elaborate as I wasn't clear. I was under the impression that the Phantom's fan controller has 7 3 pin connectors for fans right? Or does it have 7 4 pin connectors? If it has 3 pin connectors then all I would do is buy fans that fit that had 3 pin connectors. Right? lol
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  1. Five channels (connectors) is the way I read it "and five 20W per channel fan controls"
  2. Oh and the 200mm nzxt fans come with cable splitters. But are the five channels 3 pins?
  3. Yea they are all 3 pins.
  4. So then I could use one cable splitter to connect the two top 200mm fans to the top fan control right? But then how would I connect the side 200mm fan to the side fan controls? Because the side fan controls already has 2 120mm fans right? So would I have to buy a three way three pin cable splitter? Confusing :??:
  5. Or are there say 2 3 pin connectors for the top 200m fans, 1 3 pin connector for the front, 1 3 pin connector for the back, and like 3 3 pin connectors for the side?
  6. There're 5 channels total. There's a single 3-pin connector for the two 120mm side fans, 1 3-pin connector for the side 200/230mm fan, 1 3-pin for the front 140mm fan, 1 3-pin for the rear exhaust and one single 3-pin for the two top 200mm fans.

    That's by default; I'm not sure about the splitters.

    And, in case you're wondering, the case comes with the top 200mm blue LED fan, the rear fan and the two side 120mm fans included. If you're getting more fans for the case, try to get NZXT fans, because there's at least a known issue with a side 200mm fan, since the mounts for it are actually 192mm and only the NZXT [:amk-aka-phantom:1] 200mm [:amk-aka-phantom:1] fan fits.
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