My computer is making annoying rattling sound

I think the cooling fan on my GPU is making an annoying rattling sound. Because when I turn the fan speed down to 20% the sound goes away.

Should I open up my case and blow into it with a can of compressed air?

How do I fix this?
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  1. 1.) clean the fan
    2.)spin the fan manually and see if the fan is hitting anything
    3.)see if there is blades bent or positioned in an off angle compared to others
    4.)perhaps considering getting a new fan?
  2. Carefully squish the blade hub onto the bearing firmly, it may just be a touch loose,
    And isn't your tagline a misquote?
    Always thought it was he who understands the past controls the future? No worries just random wonder hehe
  3. it is possible that the fan motor is running low on greass aka like a squeaking door. so, apply some greass like WD-40 to it might do the trick.
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