Intel i5 2500k or intel i7 950?

guys which one is better?
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  1. 2500k... 950 is kind useless but better for multi task like video encode but 2600k dominate it...
  2. 2500K is better.

    1366 chipset will be replaced by Ivy Bridge in Q2 2012.
  3. lga 1366 is a deadend road. It will be cheaper for you in the long run to buy into 2500k/2600k. Generaly better performance all round and more options upgrading later on.

    also what hunuok said. If you can wait ivy bridge is just around the corner. hopefully not too much waiting for you.
  4. The LGA 1366 socket is somewhat obsolete considering the LGA 2011 (it's newer successor) is to release somewhere in November of this year. The LGA 1155 is a much better choice simply because Sandy Bridge offers tremendous power and has an upgrade path to Ivy Bridge.
  5. LGA 1366 is replaced by LGA 2011 awhile the 2100-2700k SB are replaced by Ivy Bridge(Same socket/LGA 1155)...
  6. The 2500k has at least 1/3 more horsepower than the 950. It would not make sense to buy a 950 for a build unless you could buy one real cheap and/or someone was giving you a motherboard for it.
  7. The 2500k does not have 1/3 more power nor is it obsolete in any way.

    Sandy bridge is clock for clock better than the older nehelams by 10-15%. Although it is slated to be replaced by LGA 2011 next year by SB-E, the fact is that it's still a top notch CPU and if you find it for a good price then by all means get it.

    But yes the 2500k is better by 10-15% clock for clock but neither is slouches.
  8. lilotimz said:
    But yes the 2500k is better by 10-15% clock for clock but neither is slouches.

    AND it will likely overclock about 15% more than the i7-950

    1.15 x 1.15 + approx. 1.33 therefore 1/3 more power.
  9. Definitely 2500k. Reasons have been mentioned by posters above.
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