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My Dad has a Dell Dimension 4600 he bought back in '03. It's got a P4 2.66 processor. This is about all the info I can get out of him about the unit. I'm trying to figure out without having seen it, if these units came with a built in wireless networking card? My guess is they probably didn't. If not, can one be added? If so, I was going to purchase a router for him as well. Do these cards have to matched up in any way with the router? Same type, manufacturer, etc.? Thanks!

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  1. It should have three PCI slots.

    The equipment does not have to match.

    A N-router will support a G network card, and a N network card will connect to a G router.

    take a look a the Linksys E2000 router and this wireless card
  2. To gain any extra performance from 802.11n mode you need to buy n mode equipment, both router and wireless adapter -- preferably from the same networking brand to ensure compatibility. Personally I'm dubious of any benefit from n. so Emerald is correct in principle.
  3. i agree i would buy the same brand!
  4. Thanks to all who responded to my questions. :)

    It was pointed out to me by one of my "computer" buddies, that since my Father's system is already hard-wired to the internet through Comcast, I really don't even need an adapter card. All he is trying to achieve is a wifi connection around the house for his new Kindle and smart phone. Sorry for not making this clear when I posted.

    My friend also informed me that since my Dad's Dell is 8 years old, its motherboard would not support the "giga-byte" something-or-other of an "N" router??? He claims it will work, but not function at full capacity. So His advice was to go with a "G" and save a few bucs. I'm thinking I may go with an "N" anyway, so when he upgrades to a newer system, he'll be set up. Love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again!

  5. Your main concern will be to get the new router working with the Comcast (cable ?) modem.

    Beyond that, connecting mobile phone -- the cellphone makers don't seem too keen on one using a home network to access the internet -- perhaps they'd rather you used the costly cellphone-type connection -- so instructions provided in the box can be a bit sketchy.

    Kindle is still a bit of an unknown so I would do your research into that and the phone before spending on the router.
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