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[Memory] Corsair XMS3 compatibility issues with Asus z77 Pro

So I have 32gb of Corsair XMS3 DDR3 ram and it doesn't seem to be reading properly on my new Asus P8 Z77-V Pro motherboard, but I don't understand why. This is the exact RAM I have and this is the exact motherboard I have Can someone please help me solve my issue, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    power the pc down and unplug it from the wall. pull three of the four dimms out and then use the usb flashback to put all the new bios onto the mb. the stock one was 801 then they came out with a 900 bios a 1012 then a 120x bios. make sure you do them in order from lowest to newest. with a usb stick down load the bios file and unzip it. it be a long names *.cap file. rename the bios file per the z77 renaming guild on asus web page. if it renamed right the flashback led will blick for a few min then shut off. on the new power up it will rebuilt the bios file. after the file is made go into the bios hit f5 and save and exit. after the last file is flashed and the bios defaults are loaded go back into the bios and under the ai tweeker set the bios to use xmp profile.
    save and exit and download cpu-z check that the mb and ram are running right and the speed is right under spd tab. turn off pc and depower mb again and move dimm into next slot. do this to test each slot is working. in last slot run memtest86 and see if ram is fine. if it is then add one dimm...walk it ...test it. repeat with dimm 3 and 4. if the ram glitches out with dimm 3 or 4. try upping the dimm voltage...if is still screws up email asus and ram vendor. may be one of the dimm kits that has two or 3 stick ram limit.
  2. Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it. I'll get working on that now.
  3. So I got the files and I changed the names as well as placed them in a FAT formatted USB drive, but for some reason I don't see anything happening on screen like there is nothing coming out. Also, am I suppose to place the USB on a specific port or something?
    also dont have the mb on just have standby press the usb flashback button..hold it for 3 sec and it come on and start flashing blue.
  5. I don't have a Z79 board, I have a Z77 board. I've looked everywhere and all of it tells me boot it up and press the delete button to go to bios and then use the EZ Flash 2. I'm really not getting it cause nothing shows up and I can't update my bios.
  6. Nevermind, I had to reset the watch and all became fine. Thank you very much.
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