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Can I combine 9latency and 10 latency ram?

Hello, I currently am running 8gb or corsair low profile ram this model: and i would like to know if i can add this kit which has a latency of 10 now what i would like to do is have a large ram disk and have a bit more ram but i see this same kit says it runs at CAS 9 on this website: I want to be sure I am not going to buy this and have to remove my 8gb.
my motherboard is a gigabyte z68xp-up3 and supports up to 32gb of ram and I have 2 free slots. I am thinking this will be the last amount of ram for this rig. Thanks for all the help
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    It will probably work fine as long as you are willing to have both kits at cas 10-10-10-27. The 8GB sticks might not want to run at the tighter timings. That's probably a misprint on that website showing them at cas 9.
  2. Thanks for the reply but honestly speaking will that latency really show up? and coudnt i just tighten the 16gb kits timings?
  3. You will never notice the higher latency anywhere but in synthetic benchmarks. The 16GB kits may only run at the higher latency but you can try.
  4. I was just looking into memory maximum for win 7 home is 16 gb so ill probably stick with that...and get just another 8gb kit(the same as i already have) due to the 90$ charge to upgrade windows and then another 110$ for the ram i might aswell just get 8gb for 50$ and get a bigger and vaster ssd with the prices dropping as fast as they are. Thanks for your help
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