Hi everyone, I have the motherboard listed in the title. I got it last week through the frys deal, which was bundled alongside a core i5 3570k. I want to try overclocking this CPU but I'm new to overclocking through the BIOs. Is my motherboard sufficient enough for this process? I've read it isnt very good for overclocking, which is a bummer because my CPU has a unlocked mulitplier. Also what programs should i use to assist in overclocking and what are the numbers and temps i should be eyeing for with this particular CPU. Thank you.
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  1. I also did the same and am curious if it is decent for overclocking.
  2. The best thing to do is get in there and try. I have the MSI Z77A G45. It's the one above yours. This combined with my 2500K, I'm able to reach a max of 4.7 Ghz with v core at 1.370 on a Hyper 212 Plus. I tried going for 4.8 but I don't think this motherboard can do it. Because our motherboards are limited in options, I just changed multiplier to 45, disabled turbo boost and changed core voltage and tested for stability with Prime95.
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