Is my new PSU causing issues with my GPU?

Have just installed a Seasonic X-Series 760W to replace a CMGX750W (because of noise)

Now whenever I play a WMP file on my second display (HDMI linked plasma) I get near constant horizontal line interference and shaking vertically of the screen..

My first display (DVI linked 20" LCD) seems affected.

The only other change made doing this was turn fans in the BIOS to silent, but changing them back to standard doesn't fix it.

GPU is a ATI HD5850 Sapphire Vapor-X.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?

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    This happens only on WMP files? Nott DIVX, or streaming, or DVD playback?

    If it only happens on one type of file, power supply should not be the issue. You can always go back to the old one to test.
  2. Thanks for the reply hang, solved it, somehow the psu changeover required a full reinstall of my GPU drivers... why I'm not sure?
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