Razer naga vs logi G500 vs logi G700

Hi guys, I want to know which 1 of the 3 mice is better for gaming. I want arguments, not only answers like : x or y or w/e.
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  1. ...c'mon, anyone? :D, well then just tell me which 1 of those would any of u buy, or recommend other models. I really like mice with more buttons... so any suggestion in this direction will be more than welcome.
  2. I have a g500 and while i have not had the others, I can say that I will never ever need to upgrade, this mouse does the job without a premium price, it also comes with a weight kit you slide into the mouse to make it heavy or really light however you like it. I have mine heavy and love it, very smooth and super fast and accurate. I think newegg has 1000s of reviews for the mouse. but always check the others too. good luck.
    forgot---you can change the mouse speed on the fly with buttons as well. really nice feature. the mouse wheel can be changed to click or be smooth and the wheel will click side to side as well.
  3. I have a G500 mouse as well for over 2 yrs and havent had any problems with it. I actually think the 500 feels better than the 700. the G700 buttons to me felt way to plastic and cheap. The 3 thumb buttons are really nice and don't feel crappy ether.
    One think i did notice is every few months I'll have to reconnect the mouse because it will act like its not plugged in for a sec. Though this might be my mobo usb port.
    Overall I would recommend the G500. I payed like $50. Great value.

    sidenote: the program used on the G 500 and 700 mouse called Setpoint can be a lil buggy sometimes. Some people report no issues but ill sometimes have to restart set point to get my custom mouse keys to work properly. rare but still a heads up.
  4. For example if I want to assign the side buttons as suit modes in Crysis, how would it feel like? I'm a Crysisaholic :D and I want ez access to suit modes without disturbing my left hand from the movement keys.
  5. Razer Naga is a definite recommending mouse for any RPG games, since I use this mouse for some FPS games like CS:S. It's really good compared to the other Razer mouse I used called Deathadder. It has surprising good sensitivity for the x and y axis acceleration ideal for FPS games. One thing that's not good about it is, it took me a month or so time to get used to using all 12 side buttons. Overall, I would recommend this mouse to any genre of gaming. 5* from me
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