Need Help for Graphic Card Selection

Dear all,

I need help for the graphic card selection.

I have Intel Core2 Duo 2.8GHz, 4GB DDR2 RAM, Power 550W ATX PSU, motherboard Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L. Previously I am using graphic card NVidia XFX GeForce 9800 GT, but it seems like spoilt recently.

Now looking for alternative graphic card. My PC is used for the gaming.

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  1. monitor resolution? make and model of power supply? Budget?
  2. Monitor 22 inch Widescreen LCD 1920x1080 ; not so sure about power supply model, it is 550W ATX PSU ; budget less than USD150.

  3. You may just get a Radeon 6850 or a 1Gb Nvidia 460 both similar performance.
  4. yeah, but your psu seems suspect you should look into that, open the case, read the specs, and even at that it may not provide the specs it says if it is a no name psu, not a smart idea to run a *** psu, just saying.... for 1080p I would go no lower than a gtx 560ti/ HD6950, you will also need to oc your cpu a bit.

    If all you can afford is 150 then get a 6850
  5. I agree with you need to check the CPU but you don't need a 560Ti or a 6950 as a minimum for 1080 more like maximum before its overkill. I have 2 4870s in crossfire which gives performance somewhere between a 6850 and a 6870 (no direct X 11 though) and I can play all the games I have on Ultra settings with no lag.
  6. my power supply is 550 with Cooler Master.

    With my current spec, previously I get GeForce 9800GT, shall I get back the same or my spec can support higher end graphic card?
  7. yeah I'd say a 6850 is a good choice given your 150 dollar budget you can't go much higher, I think the 6850 will suit you well

    if that is too much for you then I would go for a 5770, it will be more powerful than your 9800gt but its no 6850:

    really for under 150 you really cant get the 6850 so maybe the 5770 is your best choice.
  8. I would also recommend trying to OC your CPU to around 3.4 ghz if possible bc any graphics card that you buy will be a bit held back with your dual core clocked at 2.8ghz, so to obtain optimal performance given your hardware, OC your cpu a bit if you can, that is the only other thing I would recommend to someone in your situation
  9. If you know the exact power supply model we can be of further use to you.
    We need too know the amps on the 12volt rail of your psu, not enough amps and you'll underpower your graphics card.

    What I have found indicates that you need about 12-15amps on the 12 volt rail to run a 6850 too be on the safe side lets say the 6870 requires 20amps. If your psu matches that you should be good to upgrade to either of those cards.

    A quick search said the 9800GT needs 22amps, by that knowledge we can assume your psu has atleast 22amps which should make it able to run a 6850/70 which are the cards most would recommend.
  10. 6790 is another option
  11. no the 6790 is a trash/fodder card, bad power consumption/performance, and bad price/performance, Do not get a 6790, get either a 5770 or 6850 they both respectively offer lower power consumption and better price/performance
  12. but my RAM is just 4GB DDR2...can it support higher than 9800GT?
  13. I plan to get 5770...but it is just 128-bit?
    9800 GT is 256-bit....5770 is better than 9800 GT?
  14. yeah 5770 is about 20% faster, ignore the specs, also your RAM has nothing to do with your graphics card

    look at this chart the 5770 is a couple tiers higher then the 9800 gt
  16. thanks my 550W CoolerMaster Power Supply enough for the 5770?
  17. oh yeah you will absolutely fine with that psu
  18. Dear all,

    I still have 1 more query.

    Does my motherboard GIgabyte with Intel P43 express chipset (Socket775/PCI-E2.0x16/PCI-Ex1/ATX/ 4 DDR2 Dual-CH) support the ATI HD5770?

  19. Seems like quite hard to find HD5770 now. It seems like being replaced by HD6770. 6770 as good as 5770?
  20. I think ur mobo will support HD 5770. Get Brand new 5770 and enjoy all games at max (without stretching AA option) ;)
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