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What is the best CPU and motherboard available for gaming now? Today I was about to purchase the i7 980 with a G1 Guerrilla or Sniper motherboard series and I was going to wait till the new ATI comes out but I have been told that i7 980 is the last in the series a 2600k is just being released could you please tell me what is the ultimate motherboard and CPU available if the i7 680 and G1 series will be outdated in less than a month?

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  1. It's already outdated. Well the performance is good but the those are not the latest hardware.

    Buy a 2600k CPU or 2500k (not non K series)and a p67 motherboard or z68 motherboard on socket 1155(NOT 1156).

    That will give you good performance in games and other applications.

    How many video cards do you want or plan to use and how much does each one cost?
  2. I am will be getting the ATI7000 series, as I favor the ATI cards and it has had some good reviews.

    But Im not sure when its release will be.
  3. amd will release laptop 7k series in December. the desktop versions come out January maybe February. its best you wait for ivy bridge. it will be a reported "up to 30% performance increase" over sandy bridge (eg. i5 2400, i7 2600k). the cheapest one of ivy bridge is rumored to cost $294. and supports quad channel memory. so should be worth waiting for.
    an ivy brige cpu and a radeon 7970, you will be the envy of the neighborhood. for a little while.
  4. 2600k is just being released? get with the times man. 2600k and 2500k are the best cpu's for gaming and have been available for months. and if your waiting for ati 7xxx cards, you may aswell wait for intel Ivy Bridge CPU's which will crap all over anything available now. And you say 7xxx has got some good reviews?? they arent available yet, there are no reviews/
  5. Best Gaming CPUs For The Money: September 2011

    you'll get pcie 3.0 support with ivy bridge which some of the radeon hd 7xxx gfx cards are rumored to support. if you have to buy now, get a mobo with pcie 3.0 support like the asrock z68 extreme3 gen3(although i read that it needs more vcore voltage to oc the cpu compared to asus boards).
    cpu - right now :core i7 2600k, core i5 2500k, 2500, 2400 (from most powerful and costly to less) are the best cpus for gaming imo.
    most games don't take advantage of ht right now but newer games are starting to use ht and 4+ cores. rage performance analysis will give you some idea.
    ivy bridge has promised performance advantages over sandy bridge but since there is no data or review benchmark to support it yet, so take it as a grain of salt. same goes for radeon hd 7xxx cards.
    7xxx gfx cards reviews? where did you get them? i am interested in a 7850 myself :).

    Thanks for your reply, with regards to what review I have read regarding the AIT vs NAVIDA I have found a few supporting the new ATI improvments.
    I have an ATI 5990 card and I just dont think I will leave ATI for NAVIDA just out choice and I wonder if that is the opinion of many on both sides of ATI and Navidia.

    I hope this helps you in your quest to find the right video card.

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