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Damaged Motherboard

Hey guys, long story short, one day my computer didn't want to turn on anymore, I originally thought it was the PSU and people told me it should be the first thing I should check. Today I got a new PSU and tried it, as I turn on the computer I hear a pop! and then smoke starts coming out of the case. I check the motherboard and see what I believe is a damaged transistor as it has hole in it.

Could all the smoke come from this little piece only? Is there any way I can only replace the transistor?

Thanks in advance.
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    The transistor is a voltage regulator, and this can be caused by a short circuit in some other device on the board.
    The processor or RAM could be shorted, etc...
    You would at least replace the motherboard. It may even be more than that, and unfortunately, without more sophisticated test equipment, all the parts on the board including RAM and processor are suspect.
    In short, what you have there is truly FUBAR.
  2. Oh man what a bummer, I guess I should take it to someone that can test it to see what I can salvage from this ridiculous mess. Might as well start saving again for a new build. Thanks for your help.
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