New build won't load windows


Today i just received the following parts

Asrock extreme 4 z77 Motherboard
Cooler master 430 Case
Intel 330 180g SSD
Corsair CX 600 PSU
Corsair(4x2) 8g Vengeance RAM
Cooler Master 212 Hyper Evo Heatsink
hd radeon 6950
dell u2410 monitors

The problem is that the UEFI won't recognize my windows 7 Home Premium version. DVD boots first and still windows doesn't load during post.

I already:

Unplugged all cables, ram
Updated BIOS
Attempted to install windows 8 off a USB
took out the video card and using onboard video
Cleared the CMOS

I don't know what's wrong with this build, this has never happened to me before. During post, the following message appears "Reboot and Select proper Boot device, Insert Boot media in selected Boot device and press a key"
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  1. check on other comptuer to see if the disk is bootable.

    if you see a screen, video is fine.

    Play around in bios to check boot order, try connecting the dvd drive to a different port.
  2. look at the windows cd if it says upgrade on it it not a bootable cd. it one of those cd that going to look for a pre install of windows and then upgrade it. if they sent you that cd or you downloaded that iso then you need the full retail or oem cd from microsoft. or the older version of winddows to boot the system from then install windows 7 upgrade from. the other thing and i have it happen with my asus these new mb have two bios. there the efi bios and the older one. sometime if you look under the easy bios screen you have two cd-roms or two hard will say cd-rom and the other will be efi-cd-rom.
    need to go into boot deviced under advance settings and tell the pc to boot from reg cd-rom not the efi one. then check that the normal cd-rom is the first boot device. with the right keyboard and the right cd-rom set up you should get a message to kit any key to boot from cd-rom. when you hit it the windows 7 installer should start. with the easy bios and cd-rom you drag and drop the non efi cd-rom as the first boot device.
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