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Upgrade my Radeon HD 5670

Hello all.
I need a little help deciding on a Video Card upgrade. I was wondering what Tom's recommended for a $150 or less Video Card, AMD or NVidia, doesn't really matter. The 5670 runs OK, but not happy with the performance. Is there anything out there for $150 or less that would give me a nice performance boost?

My system:

AMD Athlon 2 x64 Quad Core processor @ 3.2 GHZ.
4 GB DDR3 Ram
Radeon HD 5670 1GB VRAM
Win 7 64 bit Pro

Thank you all.
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    Need to know what resoultion you game at and what the make/model of your power supply is?

    Depending on your PSU i'd say the best bang for your buck at $150 is the Saphire 5850.It's currently priced at TigerDirect for $160 but it's worth it.The price to performance is right on the money and it's definitly the best bang for your buck card.It's triple the performance of a 5670.

    Saphire 5850 $160 + Shipping

    Their is also this XFX 5850 but it's priced at $180 but it also has a $40 MIR.Just a thought if you like dealing with MIR's.

    XFX 5850 $180=$140 after MIR + Shipping
  2. Hey, thanx a lot purple stank.

    Sorry forgot to post the resolution.I have a Acer 23" screen, native res. 1920X1080. Really excited to hear about the triple performance.

    The PSU if Im not mistaking is 550W, I will know more when I get home and open the box. What PSU would the 5850 require?

  3. 5850 will be fine with 550W PSU
  4. It should work,the 5850 consumes about 150 watts on it's own.I just want to be sure because some PSU's don't deliever what they say they do.Do you happen to know what brand it is?

    When you get home look up the model number and post the amperage on the 12/v rail(s) which should be located on the chart on your PSU.
  5. :bounce: Thanks again, purple. My PSU is a CoolerMaster 500W, it will hopefully do good. Question for you: I found a deal today for a XFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB DDR5 , for a slightly lower price than the 5850 you recommended. Would that be a similar/better card for the same money? Please let me know, I'm supposed to pick it up in about 6 hrs.Here's the product link:
  6. 6870 is around 10% faster than 5850, it's as good as GTX470 and a bit slower than 5870
  7. shrkbay said:

    This is a great deal atm, 140$ for such a great card is awesome

    Thank you, shrkbay. I just read the Tom's article about the 68XX series Radeon cards and noticed the slight lead the 6870 has on the 5850. I think I will go with the 6870 since I read really good reviews, has a lifetime warranty and I can get it for 50$ cheaper than the lowest price I could find online.

    Im curious: since clock and RAM speeds are pretty high by default, would this overclock even further provided I add some extra cooling?
  8. 6870 can be pushed to 1200 stable (rarely) with stock cooler (really bad) and XFX BE has quite good cooler, so you don't need extra cooling
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  10. shrkbay said:

    This is a great deal atm, 140$ for such a great card is awesome

    I almost got sucked into that one too when i saw it.It's actually pricedat $180 and $140 after a $40 MIR.
  11. Yes by all means get the 6870 if it's cheaper.I only suggested the 5850 because it's the cheapest card that performance welll.I personally own a XFX 6870 and it's great.
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