Windows 98 boot up hangs with DOS drivers enabled

I just bought a new SB 1024 live player, but when I installed it, the boot up of win98 hanged - nothing more happened. I found the reason to be the SB16 emulation for DOS and REM'ed the lines in autoexec.bat. Now win98 boots, but I've got no sound in DOS games. Does anyone know a way to get around this problem. I will be grateful for any tip.
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  1. Have a look in device manager double click on the computer icon at the top of the list it should tell you which device in your system is using IRQ5 (default for SBlegacy). you should be able to change the resources for this device by selecting device manager/device/properties/resources, untick the box to disable automatic settings, then use the numbered options in the list to select a setting which leaves the resources mentioned in your AUTOEXEC.BAT free
  2. Got nVidia? It uses irq 5 in my system. Try another pci slot.

    Jeff in LA.
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