TEW-638APB (trendnet)

I have terrible problem with 2 of these.
I have 1 router, wireless, that distributes internet in place 1.
From this router i connected TEW with cable. Configured it as access point with WDS, entered 2nd TEW mac address. Opened up 2nd TEW configured it as Access point and putted mac address of 1st TEW.

DHCP is enabled on both devices including router itself. Same channel.
DHCP is disabled on both devices. Main router with DHCP. Same channel.
DHCP is enabled on second device and disabled on first. Same channel.

And lots of more tries.

Not getting anything from second ap. I also need to to distribute internet for wired (switch) and wireless.

I've tried to set 1st AP in repeater mode. Both of them in repeater mode.
Most strange was when i left 1st in AP mode and second as client. In web interface i would see that client is connected but, PC connected with cable wouldn't receive IP.

Now before you say 1st one isn't broadcasting anything, i did connected to 1st AP using laptop and everything works great.
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  1. This is how it's intended to be.

    router (wifi)->wired to AP->outdoor antennta <--> outdoor antenna-> AP (with wifi) -> switch (for wired devices)
  2. You need a wireless bridge and not an access point.
  3. I tried to put 1st into bridge mode and connect between them via WDS. That did not help.
    Can you describe how to? I think i'm doing it wrong :( dhcp should be for router for users in place 1. 2nd AP with DHCP for 2nd place users. And 1st AP in bridge mode with stati IP ?
  4. You got it backwards. The 2nd AP should be in Bridge Mode.
  5. Can i just link 3 devices by setting all of them to "Universal Repeater" mode?
    That's edimax now
  6. Connected 2 APs in "universal repeater" mode and 1 router on the end in "repeater mode".
    I can see all devices when connected locally, i can connect to DVR locally but, cannot connect to DVR from outside, or connect to pc with remote dekstop from outside. RDC jsut shows desktop of computer and nothing moves, DVR isn't responding at all now. From outside.

    2 AP is giving internet and router in the end is not giving internet but is shown in network and i can see computers in network if i connect to it.
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