How to display 1080 on tv from laptop

ok i have an asus g73 best buy version with a 1600x900 screen i know the card car do 1080 since thers a 1080 version i got the laptop hooked up to the tv via hdmi cable but it wont let me make it 1080 (only stays on 900) i tryed hitting detect multiple monitors but i think its trying to find eye finity or somthing.

any info will help
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  1. ok i got it to hdmi some how but even though its 1080 but its not filling up the entire tv is this a tv option or a laptop option im thinknig about zooming iin the tv.
  2. hmmm zoooming in the tv didnt work it either zoomed in way to far or way to far out so like i said any info will be help full
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