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Hi Folks

In changing the keyboard on my Asus 1005ha I've foolishly damaged the ribbon connector block. It's completely come away from the motherboard and broken into the bargain !!.

My question is. Is it 'simply' a question of soldering a new connector block onto the motherboard (it looks like there's a soldered area at each end) or have I done irrepairable harm.

Anyone got any helpful suggestions for a hamfisted, broken hearted person who should have known better please ?
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  1. The chances of being able to repair it yourself are very low.

    The reason why... Is residual heat from attempting to use a soldering gun can damage components around the connector, and the pins of the connectors are so close together that you will probably end up shorting 2 leads together with a drop of solder.

    When those boards are assembled they aren't actually soldered like you normally would. The components are all placed on the board, and the bottom of the board is dipped in a "solder bath" getting only a sligth amount of solder on them, and making sure there are no shorts.

    The best thing to do would be to try contacting Asus and seeing if they will replace it.
  2. The chances of being able to repair it yourself are very low.

    Yes, I suspected as much but thank you for confirming it.

    It's not worth the trouble of replacing the mother board. I've already bought a replacement for this machine and was just trying to see if I could do anything to repair the old one. - seems that I should stick to what I am good at and remember that my banana fingers are no good around small components.

    Thanks again.
  3. No problem, sorry about that :(

    I can't even begin to remember all the times I wasn't quite gentle enough and broke something :(
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