Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P AHCI question

Hey all! I recently purchased a crucial M4 250 gig ssd and a new 2tb western digital hdd, I have been running the ssd as my primary (boot) drive for a few months now, but i realized a while ago that it was running in IDE on the hard drive. I knew I would have to reinstall windows to get it to work in AHCI so i waited to install the new hdd. Last night I was all ready to install windows in AHCI, but when it came to the point where you can push any key to boot from the disk drive, it skipped that portion and went straight to trying to start windows, where it flashed blue and restarted. I guess im in a bit of a pickle, the system works fine under IDE but it does seem like the drives are a bit slow. WHAT SHOULD I DO COMMUNITY?

gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P
phenom 955
crucial m4 250 gb ssd (boot)
western dig 2tb (storage)
Lite on dvd burner (also new)
some other stuff that im sure doesnt matter.
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  1. If you can get windows 7 w/SP1 already included, install will work with AHCI mode properly during install.
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