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Best card for Core2Duo E6320 with ASUS P5B

Which graphics card is the BEST for my ASUS P5B motherboard running Core2Duo E6320 1.86Ghz 4MB cache? It has PCI express 1.0 (or 1.1? I don't know) 16x. And also, how many GBs of memory should be installed with it, so on if I running the PC with an IDE harddrive of 160GB.

How many Watts of PSU (pure) I should have with the above specs if I include a floppy disk, a SoundBlaster Live! card, two optical drives, and casing fans (for extra, I may use second harddrive, and maybe third optical drive. Can be both SATA and IDE) ?
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  1. Buy Geforce GTX 9800 512mb or 1 gb.It should work very geatt on your system specification since your motherboard fully support it & for playing games 9800 GTX will run all the modern one at mid-high settings @ 1280 x 768.If you have tight budget then go with Geforce 9500 gt because it is lot better than ATI 4000 series and have aequivalent performance of raedon 5200 series ,this card can play all games @ max setting released within year 2010.Modern games @ low to mid setting will run great on 9500gt with 25~35 fps. :wahoo: :wahoo: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :sol:
  2. Thank you very much, divyanshu. Adds more to my reference. Now we're talking about Radeon's side.
    How about this: Sapphire HD 6790 1Gb 256 Bit DDR5? Will it runs well also (without any single problem) on my P5B with the E6320 4MB L2cache? (Note: I can add motherboard RAM as high as it can be as I wish)
    Someone told me also if I can consider this if I dare to spend my budget on it.
    Oh yeah, how about the Geforce GTS 250 too? Someone's also said that I can use it

    Anyone? Can you tell me please? Thx.
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    Well , if tour budget allow you to buy Sapphire HD 6790 1Gb 256 Bit DDR5 then I would recommend you NVIDIA GTX 560 ti since it will perform 10-30% faster than Sapphire HD 6790 and at the same time it is 60-70U$D cheaper than Sapphire HD 6790.If you can spend more I advice you to buy NVIDIA GTX 580/590.You were asking for Geforce GTS 250 and the ans. is HD 6790,GTX560/580/590 would kill it and GTX 580/590 will perform 500% faster than it.But there is one problem to run these cards (except) smoothly you must have at least Dual core @ 3.4 GHz /Core 2 Duo @2.93 GHz /INTEL's Core i3 @ 1.4 GHz ,2GB/3GB ram & a powerful motherboard (your mother board do not support these GPUs fully since it is DDR2 and PCI express x16(no 2.0)).The best graphics card for your current PC would be NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GTX/9600GT/9500GT.
  4. Thank you for the answer, man.

    For correction, the 560Ti is not cheaper than 6790 (at least in my country). It's a newer high-end and 90-100 US$ more expensive, as far as I look on the online market here. That's why I'm interested on HD6790 from Sapphire

    Well, I I wish I could run one step higher than the 9800GTX such as HD5770. I can't spend more than 150US$ of my budget. The HD5770 is around 150 US$ also.

    You can look at the Graphics Cards Hierarchy Chart to determine the ranks. I forgot what exactly the link is, but you can maybe 'search' it from search engine. From that, the 5770 (not 5570), is one step higher than the 9800GTX while the price is lower than 150$.

    This makes me very interested of it, of course, if it designed for the PCI-E 16x 1.0, then not risky of bottleneck or any disturbing lag.

    Anyway, how can we determine a video card uses a standard of PCI-Exp 1.0 or it uses 2.0? What's the difference between these two?

    Thanks again for the advice. It helps.
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