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A kid recently came into my repair shop asking how much it would cost to fix his netbook that he'd spilled grape juice on. Since the system wouldn't even power on I told him it would at minimum involve a motherboard replacement, but either way repair would cost more than the netbook was worth.

I purchased the netbook from him for $20, mainly for the shops LCD inventory. I've now made a project out of getting this thing usable again. I did a pretty thorough cleaning of the motherboard and a few other essential parts, as well as confirmed that both his RAM and HDD were fine.

I've got it to the point where his old XP installation can be booted into safe mode, but not normal, even with all start-up programs and non-essential services disabled. When attempting to boot into normal the system will restart about midway through the windows loading screen, very much like a driver is crashing the system, but no BSoD. I was thinking that perhaps the GPU still has damage and when the video driver loads it crashes the system.

Two other anomalies stand out though. I tried to do a fresh XP install and toward the tail end of the "setup is loading files" stage the system BSoDs with code: 0x0000007B. The other anomaly is that the system can be used for an hour or two, then needs to "rest" for a few hours, but the problem is not related to overheating, I'm a little baffled as to why this is occurring.

Anyone think this system is still salvageable? Oh, and netbook is a Gateway LT2016U.
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  1. What do you do for fun?
  2. It's kinda sad I know, but the incremental progress I've had with this thing has just roped me in. I'm not really interested having a working netbook, or particularly concerned with selling it for $100. I like challenges I suppose. Oh, and for fun, I drink a lot while "trying" to fix computers.
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