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Is this Motherboard good enough?

I'm looking at building a gaming PC and I'm wondering how much I need to spend on a Motherboard. I'm going to be running and Intel i5 3570K and a Radeon 6870 Graphics card. This is the motherboard I plan on buying:

My question is, is this motherboard sufficient to support my set up and will I notice any performance increase if I decide to spend more on a different one?

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    Two things I don't like about this board. One, it has no USB3 header for front panel USB3. Two, The arrangement of the SATA ports is wierd, putting the 6GPs ports next to the ram seems odd and a pain.
  2. This one will be much better for about $25 more:
  3. Ok, I'll probably end up getting that one. However, just for curiosity's sake, would I notice and significant difference performance-wise between the two?
  4. No. Motherboards don't play much into performance.
  5. alright, thanks
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  7. the difference between the two is that the extreme4 will sli/crossfire better due to 8x/8x vs 16x/4x, Overclock better because it goes through a 8+4 power phase vs 4+2 power phase performance wise
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