Xbox 360 to PC problems (Extender not found)

Alright I'm not sure what info you guys need so just let me know. I have been trying to hook up my xbox to my pc (Vista Ultimate) through my linksys befsr1 router (latest firmware). Internet works fine but I can't get the media center on my pc to find it. It keeps saying extender not found. When I go to the network and sharing center on my pc I dont see the xbox unless I click view full map. I still can't click on it even in that view though. I have tried enabling upnp on my router and media sharing on my pc. When I try pc connection on the xbox it says pc not found. Any suggestions on what to try next?
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  1. Enabling UPnP on the router isn't going to help except for those cases where your PC and/or XBOX need to open ports on the router to allow inbound traffic to their respective platforms. At the moment this sounds more like a firewall issue. Perhaps the Windows firewall is preventing access to your PC from the XBOX? Perhaps you're using third party anti-malware that's preventing access? I would just shutdown any and all firewalls, anti-malware, etc., and see if things change.
  2. I have windows firewall turned off. I don't have any anti-malware this is a fresh OS install from yesterday. I have the ports open on the router from this page -
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