Alfa AWUS036H (chipset: RTL8187)- Can I change the MAC ID ?

Hey there,

I'm thinking of buying an Alfa Network AWUS036H adapter (chipset: RTL8187L), I want to use it under Windows XP. I'm asking: Does the driver of AWUS036H (RTL8187L) support changing (spoofing) its MAC address under Windows XP and is the common way (e.g. registry hack or changing value of Locally Administered MAC Address in NIC's options) enough to do it?

Here is what I'm talking about:

There are a few kinds of adapters that don't support spoofing their MAC under Windows XP, for example Broadcom's BCM4310 USB. They allow altering the value shown above, but MAC address won't change effectively. I want to make sure if this long-range device, AWUS036H does support MAC spoofing before I buy it. Is there anyone who has this adapter and uses it (or could test this feature)?

Please reply soon, Thanks
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    Thanks, but I couldn't find any information related to the product I was asking about.
  2. The chipset name may be a better way to search for help so I've changed the heading.
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  4. Yes it does support MAC spoofing. I have this card and use it in Backtrack a lot and MAC spoof it all the time.
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