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Motherboard & RAM

Hey guys,

Im planning on building my own rig for the very first time. I've read a few customer reviews here and there, and have decided on some of the core components. They are as follows:

Case: Cooler Master Elite 430
CPU: intel CPU Core i7 3930K
Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 560TI
Storage: 128GB 2.5inch SSD (will add another 1TB HD later on)
Optical Drive: LITEON iHAS324-27
Motherboard: Undecided
RAM: Undecided
Power Supply: Undecided

As you can see, I am yet to decide what motherboard, RAM, & power supply i want to utilize. My purpose is mostly for gaming, and I'm planning on playing on a 27inch monitor, so I'm guessing my video card needs to be somewhat advanced.

A few features in my motherboard I'm looking for is:
-at least 2 3.0 USB ports
-Will be able to support a SLI/Crossfire connection later in the future.
-Will be able to support an alternate monitor
-Quality Gaming Performance
-Compatible with case (ATX preferably) & i7 processor.
-high internet connection capability?

I still need to decide whether i need a lot of RAM, but since I'm gaming, I'm guessing i won't need much. 8GB would do i suppose.
And yeah, a power supply that could power all that, but i suppose thats last. (still could use some recommendations though)

So yeah, if you guys have any suggestions or advice out there, I'd really appreciate it. Although it doesn't look like it from the components I've chosen, i am trying to keep it as cheap as possible. Anyways, feel free to recommend other components for me, along with the motherboard.

Thanks a bunch guys, really appreciate the time you guys put into helping others.
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    Starting off you list that you have selected the Intel® Core™ i7-3930K and then you state that you are looking for the board to be able to support an alternate monitor, the problem with this is that the Intel Core i7-3930K and the X79 chipset doesnt support any type of display based off the board.

    If you want to be able to have IGP for troubleshooting and backup graphics then you most likely are looking for Z77 chipset based board and since you are looking for this to be a gaming system I would match it up with an Intel® Core™ i5-3570K. The reason for the Intel Core i5-3570K is due to the fact that so few games can take advantage of more than 4 threads. So the hyper-threading which is the main difference between the Intel Core i5-3570K and the Intel Core i7-3770K doesnt have a lot of value in a gaming system.

    Also for a gaming system you really won't have any much use for more than about 8GB of RAM. Think the OS may use 2GB and then you may see the gaming use another 2GB. So really dont need any more than 8GB on a gaming system.

    As far as the PSU if you are looking for SLI in the future, I would look for a quality 750w. Antec, Corsair, SeaSonic, Silverstone and PC Power and Cooling are all good brands that you should look at.

    For a Z77 board you can look at a number o them from the low end on the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 to the Asus P8Z77-v Pro and Intel Desktop board DZ77GA-70K based on your budget and they should all fit your needs.
  2. Ah, didn't know about the processors at all. Really appreciate you pointing that out.
    Right, PSU 750w.

    I'll look into those Z77 boards but i was wondering, is there a specific one you'd recommend?

    And if you don't mind rechecking my research, do you think my video card is suitable?? especially for a 27-inch monitor + a possible extra monitor in the near future?
  3. Here are a couple quick links. <-- The 560 Ti is the 20th best graphics card in the world. It'll easily support dual 27" monitors, IMHO. <-- Just plug in your info and it'll give you your power requirement. I add 100 watts just to be safe. If you're going to SLI in the future, throw in two graphics cards. Although you might pick your PSU last, don't skimp on quality. It has the capability to damage every single component in your build.

    I'm about to buy the Asus P8Z77 V-Pro/Thunderbolt.
    As for RAM, I'm about to buy these:
    If you wanna wait for a couple weeks, I'll tell you exactly how it runs.
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