New build $900-1200

Approximate Purchase Date: this week

Budget Range: 900-1200 Before rebates
I would love to get this down lower, but up to 1200 is ok
System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, blu-ray, general multimedia/computing

Parts Not Required: OS, Monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg, amazon

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences: by brand or type :none

Overclocking: Yes, though noise is a concern

SLI or Crossfire: I'm open to it, though I don't think I'll do it with this build

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: I've selected what I think is a solid build, if it doesn't offer the best value. I'm not after only the best gaming performance/dollar; I'm interested in upgradability and a generally good user experience as well. I'm not sure on a few parts, so I could use help deciding.
Here's the build I have now
i5 2500k+ scythe mugen 3
Asus P8P67 pro
Patriot signature 1600mhz
MSI GTX 560ti hawk
Samsung spinpoit F3
I'm over buying in terms of wattage so I can use this PSU for future builds, also modular is preferable
Silverstone Raven RV03
I'm pretty settled on this case, unless the Lancool K63 comes back in stock at newegg- it's only $100 there :o
Thanks, I appreciate the help
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  1. Some suggestions -
    Mobo - Take a look at this combo
    i5 + MSI GD65

    Going with a single graphic card ? Then this might be a good option
    GTX 570

    Or even the HD 6950 with 2GB of vRAM would be good,...
  2. Thanks,
    as far as I can tell browsing the MSI website, I think the only differences between the GD55 and GD65 is an extra sata 6G controller, a voltage check point, and a VRM heat pipe. But for only $10 more, why not,2977.html
    According to this article the 560TI hawk often out preforms the 6950 while being pretty good on power and noise. It would be nice having 2 GB or vRAM, but I think I'll be upgrading the graphics on this rig soon enough that that won't be an issue.

    Also, does anyone know anything about the Patriot RAM I've chosen, I have no experience with patriot and it's so cheap that I'm worried.
  3. with $1200, you should be able to come away with 2x gtx 560 ti or a single gtx 580. if gaming is your goal, youre selling yourself short with anything less. the SLI setup will be more powerful when it is supported (it usually is, especially in newer games where the extra performance is needed)

    i dont know much about patriot ram. gskill ram is also cheap and a favorite of custom builders.

    id be happy to provide a sample build if you so desire.
  4. first of all I should note that $1100 is far preferable to $1200, I really should have made that my budget to start with. I know that I could get better performance; however, my goal with this build is to get a bunch of other things: relative quietness, a nice case w/side window, blu-ray support, an efficient, modular PSU. I know these are expensive and don't really matter for performance, but I would rather have them.
    What do you think of an HD 6850 crossfire I know it's no GTX 560 ti SLI, but I think it might be enough.
  5. I put 512MB of Patriot DDR memory in an old Dell P4 and it worked, lol. As long as the specs are correct it should work just fine. If you're still not sure, here's some G.Skill RAM that will get the job done.
  6. So I've made a few changes in the build, and hopefully I will be able to get more graphical power as genghiskron suggested.
    CPU cooler
    As for the GPU I'm thinking about either a
    palit GTX 570 (and a nice OC)
    or dual HD 6850s
    I know there's more horsepower in the 6850s, but I'm a bit worried about the power usage/noise, bugs/games not supporting crossfire from day1, and games using more than 1GB vRAM. (I think Shogun II at 1080p DX11 get close or goes over)
  7. How about an HD 6950 2GB? It's the least powerful of the options, but is maybe the best compromise for you....

    Personally, I'd go with the 6850s in CF....but then I wouldn't mind if I had to wait a few weeks for a driver update...

    EDIT: Is Cougar a trusted brand in the world of power supplies?....A 700w 80+ Gold for $80 (after MIR) makes me nervous. <-- XFX 750w. It's a rebranded Seasonic and is 80+ Silver for $109.99 after rebate.
  8. i would take a pair of sapphire hd6870's or a single evga 560 ti for SLI later.

    agreed with nd on the psu. who knows, maybe cougar makes wonderful psu's, but, for the same price, id take a bronze/silver I trust over a gold i dont know anything about.
    another option:
    I looked at some reviews, and the cougar seemed ok, but it had 4 12v rails, and the efficiency is really only silver, so I think I'll go back to the XFX.

    I still undecided on graphics, I think I want a bit more power than a single GTX 560ti/HD 6950 I'm just a little unsure of the coolers on HD 6850s/70s, and I would like to keep the price under 325 BR/ 300 AR if possible. I don't need to run everything on max settings, so maybe the GTX 570 would be enough for me.
  10. With your case (RV03) and the 90* rotation on the motherboard, you want cards that exhaust all the heat out of the back (top when installed) of the card. Cards that exhaust half the heat out of the front (bottom) can cause turbulance and higher temps inside the case.

    Here's a good example of what to get

    and what to avoid

    The last two cards are very good in a traditional case but might cause issues in the RV03.
  11. That's what I thought too, then I read that the RV02 was certified for GTX 590 SLI. My other thought was: with a cooler like the gigabyte windforce 3x the hot air is mostly pushed up (tradition layout) or right (RV03) the hot air would end up forced upwards then removed by the 120mm CPU exhaust fan, weather this would work well is pure speculation. I'm going to look around a bit more, then decide between a reference 570 , the Palit, or a crossfire, depending on what that airflow is like.
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