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I have a ATI 6850 from Asus and have noticed that on 2 programs I have a strange gradient issue, on Minecraft when am in a dark area I notice then I have a circle that around the middle of the view that seems to get darker and I can make out where the different shades start and finish. On another program I go on I've noticed that on some objects the lighting effect seems to be a bit blocky. It looks as if the going from light to dark isn't happening smoothly. Here is a Screenshot, notice the lines going down and across the object.

I would like to know what I can do to make it smoother if it's possible. I've changed my PC monitor and used my old monitor but it never changes, what else can I change?
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  1. change the settings in CCC to higher quality settings and turn off any optimisations. About that minecraft thing, i think i have that issue too, but I dont worry about it as the game doesnt have good graphics anyway.
  2. Ok thanks, I'll try that and see if it works :)
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