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ASUS Sabertooth X58 USB problem

Hi fellow Computer Nerds,

I have the obertunity to buy a ASUS Sabertooth X58 mother board. My current ASRock X58 exterme is having issues. My question is, the current owner told me that just a week ago the onboard USB plugs stopped working. He said they have power, but no connection is ditected. Everything else works fine. What could be the probelm, he also said he hasn't tried upgrading the BIOS or drivers, he just bought a new MB. Any suggestions. Should I buy the MB and just install a USB card?



Case: NZXT Tempest (Artic Camo)
CPU: i7920 – OC’d 4ghz
Memory: 16gig Corsair Vengeance
GPU: GTX560 Ti OC SLi (x2)
Cooler: Corsair H80 water-cooled
Storage: OCZ 120 Vertex 120gb, Seagate 1T
Monitor: Samsung 27”
Mouse: Cyborg
Keyboard: Saitek Cyborg Gaming Keyboard COD edition
Power Supply: Corsair AX1020
Headphones: Logitech G90 wireless
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    Well if your current MB is having issues I see nu reason not to. So he is saying that the usb ports on the MB is not working?
  2. Ya, they were working for a while, then just stopped working. I'm thinking corrupt USB driver. I guess I can always buy a USB PCI express card. Just don't want to start having issues somewhere else. But hey for $40 buck, it's worth the risk!!
  3. I'd ask him/her if you could try it out in your computer to see if everything works before using it. Just a friendly advice :).
  4. Just got an email from ASUS support. They informed me that the issue is most likley USB drivers and not hardware related. I ended up buying the mobo and look forward to installing it.
  5. Interesting, you can have 'power' but a blown USB chipset. Hopefully, it is/was drivers.
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