Which fan for 440 x3 COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 or Arctive Freezer 7

My Amd athlon x3 440 unlocked to x4 b40 keeps shutting down while playing bad company 2. I know its the cpu because right after I touch the heatsink its literally hot enough to boil eggs and when i turn it on the cpu temperature is in the 70+ Celsius (shutdown temp is 80ish).

I wiped clean and put new thermal grease 2 months ago but lately the computer has been on for 16 hours or more a day and idles around 50C.
Which of these coolers would be better considering I wont overclock.

The cooler master 212

Or Arctive freezer 7 rev 2?

The room is usually in the mid 70s.
I also have a gts 250 video card if that makes a difference. My case door is usually open and the case is one of the simple cooler masters with the mesh front.
I just want it not to overheat enough to shutdown while playing.
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  1. The 212+ is excellent it has a 120mm fan and the ability to add another.
    What exact case do you have?
  2. Almost any after-market CPU cooler would be better than stock. However, my vote goes for the CM 212 +

    It is relatively quiet, and will easily outperform any stock cooler by a considerable margin. Currently figuring out the optimal OC on my i7 2600K @ 4.5 GHz with the Hyper 212 + and temps are well within a comfortable margin (60ish C)
  3. I think cooler master elite. how about this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103064&Tpk=Hyper%20TX3
    Its 17$ at frys on sale
  4. Nevermind the tx3, Is the CM 212 going to be louder than the stock cooling I have?
  5. CM Elite lol! well that narrows it down there's 11 models.
    The 212+ is your best bet if you have an Elite with the side panel air duct(remove it).
    No any aftermarket HSF will be quieter then stock.
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