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Gt 240 vs gt 440

ok i bought a hd 5670 but i have to return it as it is pcie 2.1 and is having comptability problem with the motherboard which is 1.0

so tell me which one is faster out of gt240 gddr5 and gt 440 gddr5
and also if you can tell me which one would be faster out of gt240 gddr5 and gt440 gddr3
(as i am unsure if the store has gt440 gddr5)

i need urgent reply as i will have to buy the graphics card today only

thaks in advance
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    Fermi cards are weaker than older cards that have the same or similar shader count so you will want a gt240 if performance is what you are more concerned with unless you are upgrading with the intention of new features such as DX11 ect then gt440.
  2. GT 240 GDDR5 is better even if you compare it to a GT 440 GDDR5.
  3. I`m Also looking for this 2 Cards, and I`m confused about which would be a better card.. as far as I know if you need power GT 240 have more of it that GT 440, But as we all know GT 240 is Older so the features cannot be compared to the Newer GT440.

    In my Opinion. you should first consider on what would you want you Graphics card to have,

    newer and more feature with average power: GT440
    or the Older but have a bit more power: GT240

    and also, when comparing, we should consider that the 2 cards are on the same situation.

    Example: both 1 gb
    both DDR5
    running on the same OS
    running the same Application

    with that you will be able to identify, watch for more about bench marks and hierarchy. we have that here on Tomshardware..

    good luck
  4. just get a single gtx550
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