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Asus P8Z77-V HELLP!

Ok, I'm building a computer for the first time. I have an Asus P8Z77-V Mobo and an i5-3570k chip. I know you aren't supposed to push down on the chip, and I didn't. But when trying to close the the CPU cover (thing) the I feel force against the latch and it starts making crinkly noises. Naturally this is scaring the ever living *** out of me.

Also, can't seem to get the CPU cover off (plastic thing) off but it says install the cpu and close it first...

Tips anyone?
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    Oh I was watching a video the other day about this, make sure the golden arrow is facing the other arrow and make sure it is seated correctly. It is common to hear that noise so if you have done the above then it should be fine.

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  3. Thank you :) my first best answer :D.
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