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This is a great site I found for comparing GPU's.

Hope this helps people!
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  1. this will not help anyone as it is completely inaccurate. Please dont use that site to compare gpu's.
  2. completely??? can you explain to me and other future readers.
    I can't tell you if this thing is good or a 1939 Buick.
    But to just say, inaccurate is quite incomplete for us "out of the know".
    Thank you for your support.
  3. well its not comparing the actual performance of these cards at all, just memory bandwidth. So you end up with the gtx590 lower on the chart than a gtx580 even though a gtx590 is nearly 2x as powerful as the 580. Basically the list is all over the place and it will only confuse people. Its like saying a certain car is faster just because it has a larger engine with more cylendars, not taking into account, weight, traction, gear ratios, forced induction, actual measured horsepower at the wheels etc. The only way to tell a video cards power is real world benchmarks as shown here even that is to be analysed as different cards perform differently in different scenarios, resolutions and image quality settings.
  4. I understand.

    ok I will check out this anandtech.
  5. not just anandtech, but anyone that actually reviews cards in a methodical manner. But the anandtech comparison is a good quick guide.
  6. It should be noted Tom's has their own thing like AnandTech, not as refined however.,2662.html

    Just check the cards you want to compare, and then press compare, and yeah...
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