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Here is my problem in short since no one had any idea what the issue was so far and I haven't found any solution on the net yet.

My USB transfer speed is about 3.0mb/sec
My IEEE 1394 transfer speed is about 1.5mb/sec

When using external NTFS storage Windows 7 the file transfer bar moves fast and then freezes for a while and then randomly updates every so often. It does not however continually show the progress as it does when using a FAT32 format. This only occurs with external components.

My internal drive transfer status is continuous.

Sometimes the transfer causes my system to hang or it will not allow me to open a firefox window. When it finishes the window pops up.

Cant run the hotfixes for USB or Firewire because they are not supported by my system.

Data is on a separate drive so I can serve a fresh batch of windows if I must.....Possible corruption?

Canceling a transfer takes forever.

HELP I am at a witts end. I have been researching this issue for 2 weeks now.
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  1. I would check your NTFS drives for file corruption and bad sectors. Also if you have the drives too full you can have problems.
    Windows 7 will change the color of the capacity bar in explorer from blue to red to indicate space is getting low.
  2. I have the same problem (I use Windows 7 ultimate) and all my hardware is running fine. I have problems with USB flash drives wih capacity greater than 8 gigs. Most of the time it is very slow to copy and the copy is corrupted.

    My fix which I hope is temporary (hopefully microsoft canfigure out the problem), is to use xxcopy. It is a freeware program available on the web. It is very slow but all my copies have no corruption, which was a pain before I found that utility. :sol:
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