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I am buying a new Internal DVD/CD ROM and have found one that I like and is in my price range. It is a Samsung Black 12X BD-ROM, 16X DVD-ROM 48X cd-rom. SATA Interface Internal Blu-Ray Combo w/LightSCribe Support model TS-HB43L/HPBHG - OEM.

My question is if this is both a cd and dvd rom. And could I have an extra say cd-rom so I could write from this device to another device. I'd prefer not to use external. Thankyou for your time.
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  1. What you actually found yourself was a blu-ray drive, the BD-Rom gives that away. It can only read blu-rays but it can read and write DVDs and CDs. You could put another DVD drive in the system and use that to read/write at the same time. Really isn't any point in getting a CD drive as a second drive these days, a DVD burner is like $3 more at most and will read and write almost all media except blu-ray discs.
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