What other cooling solutions are there? My Phenom II X6 is overheating

Hey guys,

SO i bought a new gaming rig a month back. The problem im having is that my processor, an AMD phenom II X6 is overheating to 65 degrees within an hour of gameplay. My cooler is a CM v6 GT. The obvious reason would be because I enabled the Turbo mode which clocks the CPU currently at 3.8 Ghz
BUT an hour is too quick for this to over heat. I am also constantly getting warnings from the asus mobo AI suite saying that my temp. is above 65 even when im not gaming.
Is this normal with the turbo mode on?
If so, what other ways can I cool down my processor rather than using this CM V6 GT which seems to be doing a pretty bad job :/

I would appreciate any form of feedback. Thank you.
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  1. I heard good things about Corsair Liquid cooling system H series, more precisely the H70 to be exact. I also heard good thing about Corsair Liquid system competitors...

    Although what I am not certain about is how far can you OC with liquid system?!?!?
  2. 65C for a CPU under load sounds reasonable to me. If your CPU often gets to 90C after long hours of gaming, you should check to see if your heatsink is seated properly.

    Personally I think a heatsink reseat should alleviate, if not solve your problem.
  3. I am not familiar with that cooler, but I found this.


    So I would check the mounting, but there is too many variables to be certain.
  4. That's too hot for a Phenom II so you should look at either better case airflow and/or a better HSF. I would not recommend the Corsair or Antec closed loop H2O coolers as they are inefficient, expensive, a poor value and typically noisy. Worst of all they can leak and damage other PC hardware. The link below has test data for the popular HSFs and a few H2O coolers for comparison.

    If you have room in your case, I'd recommend the Xigmatek Aegir 128264 if you go for a new HSF as it's new tech and very efficient only needing one relatively quiet fan to be almost the best of the best in HSFs and it's more reasonably priced than all the top HSFs.

  5. He just built it. How do we know that he doesn't have a millimeter of thermal compound on it?

    I would remove heatsink, clean it and cpu, remount, and check again.
  6. ^+1 do that first!
    The CM V6GT is a top tier cooler.
  7. Yes I know the V6 GT is a hassle. Its huge cooler and pulls down on the processor, unbalanced overall.
    When i received my pc, the cooler had moved too much and pulled off the processor from the locking system somehow :s
    Nothing was damaged, but when reinstalling it, I had to remove the processor from the heatsink and I reinstalled it without applying any new thermal compound. Don't worry, i did make sure none of the existing thermal compound stuck onto my fingers or anything. I reinstalled and the computer worked fine.
    Do you think i should reapply more thermal compound?

    Also, i do not have money for water cooling :(
    and i know 65 is normal, but it goes to 65 too quick! it goes to 63-ish after video editing or even downloading too stuff at the same time. When it goes to the 60-65 range, the computer crashes giving me a BSOD. :( fml

    Anyone know if this is normal?
  8. too much* stuff at the same time

    my current solution is to hook up my desk fan behind the motherboard tray and processor and everything. I took out the side panel and the fan is blowing directly onto the motherboard's processor socket.
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