Upgrade Video Card that my 430w PSU will run-suggestions?

I was thinking about uprading my hd5450 to a gtx550ti, but after I asked a few people, was told that my thermaltake psu might not be able to handle the power draw. I'm not a gamer, more into hd video/photography/entertainment. I want to upgrade to something that will work in my system without upgrading the power supply. I need something efficient, but again I don't think I would tax the system that much for the type of computing that I do. Any info will be appreciated. Looking at cards up to $150. Thank you.

AMD Phenom X3 8450, 2.1ghz, 4gb ddr2
HD5450 1gb ddr3 (want to upgrade this card)
TR2 430W Thermaltake PSU
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    thermaltake tr2 430w is a notoriously bad psu. It is made completely different from the rest of the tr2 series. review here. it only tested good at under 350w. The most i would recommend would be a 5670. any more and the psu will likely blow up under load and if it doesnt blow up its putting out voltage out of spec which will slowly kill other components.
  2. That's definitely bad news. The 5670 and 6670 are almost the same? Both only require board power. If I should upgrade my PSU as well, which one should I get? I'm a little cramped for space and the newer style PSU's with the large fan at the top will not work. I have the venting out the rear of the unit (PSU's fan and AC plug on same side).

    A "computer builder" recommended this combo-430w thermaltake & hd 5450 as entry level upgrades to my factory setup. I have a HP a6502f. I also have a back-up PSU, a cheapy Coolmax V-400 that sounds like a tractor.

    If you can recommend an upgraded PSU that will power a stronger, recommended card, I would love to know. Thank you for the quick reply. I definitely should have found this site BEFORE I started buying aftermarket parts.
  3. Here is a new PSU, should be much better than the Tt you have:
    Antec Earthwatts 500W (80+ bronze) $60
    It will supply more, and more stable power. It will also easily power a 5770 or 6850.
    ATi 5770 (ASUS) $120
  4. How about the GTX 550 ti? Run that? 5770/6770 was one of the cards I was thinking about, don't know much about the 6850. Thanks.
  5. The 500W Antec should power it (I'd see about a 550W just in case though) however the 430W tt won't period, but I'd still get the PSU first.
    $65 Antec BP550 Plus (modular) top fan has a recessed grille that doesn't extend past the casing.
  6. ^ +1
    The PSU is the weakpoint of your system get that first.

    The only advantage the 550Ti has over the 5770 really is just CUDA which would be useful for Photoshop and most other editing software. If you want a triple screen setup though, get the 5770 for the Eyefinity. So the best card I would recommend for your use would be the 550Ti, tru out!
  7. How about the best video/photographic image quality? I don't see any more powerful units in my 80mm fan configuration unless I step up to the expensive Antec 850 with the racing stripes on it. Could probably run almost anything with that. I'm thinking the Antec 500 should be sufficient, if not, go for the big 850?
  8. You should be able to run just fine on the 550W Antec I posted, the PSU is approximately the same size as the 430W Tt. The top fan is quieter, and is able to pull more air (even with the NIC you have below it). There will be less cable clutter, as it is partially modular (better airflow).
  9. I don't quite understand, venting is only at the back. Top fan will be right up against the top of my case where there is no venting. I need the ac plug and 80mm fan to be on the same side.
  10. Flip the PSU so the fan is pointed into the case (facing the NIC) , not the top of the case (how it's supposed to be positioned in a top mount btw) There is no rear fan, so no worries with the placement of the power.
  11. I'm pretty sure the screws only align one way, as I found out when I replaced the factory with the thermaltake. Don't want to buy something then have to send it back. Think I'll try the ones specifically made for my design.
  12. Ok, I'm thinking about buying the:

    Antec Earthwatts 500w- $60
    HD 5750/6750- $105

    More efficient video card compared to 5770/6770, shouldn't push the PSU too hard. What do you guys think?
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  14. Just to update, I kept my TR2 430w and purchased a hd6670 video card. It works well with my psu. Thanks.
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